Marketting for the wweb of Oceans

Aug 02

Journey Down Codes

These may all be used via twitter drops, however I figured I would post them just in case!

Redeem the codes over at:
Make sure you follow @theowaern he made Journey Down.

Jan 04

Rainbow Rapture out now on Xbox Live Indie Games!

Game Details: Rainbow is unhappy with the way things turned out down below. He wants a clean slate. Help him wipe humanity off the face of the Earth.

- Slide down hills to build momentum

- Master gravity to get awesome air

- Smash into three kinds of power-ups

- Play new hills every time you start up

- Eat lots of people

- Conquer 45 challenges

- Hear Rainbow’s story

- Dominate Scoreloop leaderboards (WP7 only)

- Updated with Mango features: live tile, ringtones, and fast app switching (WP7 only)

Kindling Games: Just a tiny indie game studio from Seattle trying to make a fire. Creators of Hieronymus Bash (XBLIG), Bumblepig (XBLIG), and Rainbow Rapture (WP7 & XBLIG).


The game is 80 MSP, I will be purchasing this tonight, and I will let you know the awesome that is Rainbow Rapture!

To purchase or download the demo off CLICK HERE

Go here to watch the trailer, check out the screenshots, and get a link to the demo:

Make sure you follow @kindlinggames on twitter and show your support!


Dec 28

Hello, my name is “Mark”

Alright, my name is not Mark, nor is it Paul and I do not work for some “marketting company on the wweb” I was lucky enough to snag the twitter account once the original @OceanMarketting switched twitter accounts (No Hacks, or anything). Now that I can control the tweets on @OceanMarketting (and their Blog on their site, until they change the API) I will be using this account for good, I want to promote Indie Games, and Gaming Charities and other awesome things.

The world of “Marketting” can be a dangerous place, when companies with lots of money are competing against the little guys… guess whos name gets out there?

I in no way want to turn this account into a slander account against Paul, that is not my goal, yes the memes are awesome and I will use them from time to time… but shouldnt we just let him be? shouldnt he just get out of our community and hang out with the ” so many connections” he has?

I want to use this space to promote the little guy, and try to help those that need it.

So when you are working on an indie game, a gaming charity or anything shoot me a tweet or email, I will try my best to display it.

Thanks again,


Mark “Etting” Ocean